Teachers trained by Ruth

in the lineage of T Krishnamacharya

Elise Curnow

Yoga with Elise

My name is Elise Curnow and I am an experienced  teacher and forever student in the Krishnamacharyan tradition of yoga.

Ruth Diggins is my teacher, my trainer and my mentor.

I teach yoga here in Waikanae, where I live, and also in Otaki.

The classes I teach are both general, which is suitable for all levels and restorative, for those who need a little extra support and rest. I also teach on a one to one basis.

Contact me
Ph: 04 9023105 / 021 1653898
Email: eliseyoganz@gmail.com

Karen Gray

Kia Ora, I’m Karen Gray. I’ve been teaching yoga in Waikanae, in the tradition of Krishnamacarya, for the past 7 years. Yoga has been a transformational force in my life and I’m keen to share these positive teachings with others. I’ve been practising yoga for 11 years, under the guidance of my teacher Ruth Diggins.

My classes:

Freedom of Breath & Movement
Tuesday 9.30am – 10.30am

Focus on the breath and developing easeful movement and joint flexibility
Waikanae Beach Community Hall, Rauparaha St
Contact me to see if there is space available

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Monthly Study Group
Chanting and discussing this fundamental yoga text

Contact me
Ph: 04 9024109 / 027 4696892

Sandra Gerber

Ruth Diggins is my teacher and mentor.
I completed my training to become a Yoga Teacher in the lineage of Krishnamacharya in 2014 in N.Z.
I then went on to study Vedic Chanting also in the tradition in India from 2015-2017.
I am currently studying Yoga Therapy in India.

My classes:

I now teach Yoga on Tuesday mornings in Raumati South at the Memorial Hall on Tennis Court Rd.

I also offer a monthly Vedic Chanting class on Saturday afternoons in Paraparaumu Beach.

Contact me
Ph: 027 5700031
Email: sandragerberkm@hotmail.com

Kate Bendall

I am an independent Yoga teacher based in Dunedin. I have been practicing Yoga for for over 30 years now and  teaching for around 15 years.

Teaching and practicing Yoga has always been my passion and I imagine that to always be so.

My classes now are all true to what I have learnt in my training with Ruth.The depth; the potency and the accessibility of Yoga in this lineage is what I had been waiting for for 27 years.

I am so excited and grateful to teach with the guidance and support of such an authentic and wise tradition behind me.

Contact me
Ph: 022 6908077

Ines Piroth

I am a senior teacher associated with the Krishnamacharya Tradition through many different channels over more then two decades.

I teach in a tourist paradise known as the Bay of Islands. My regular classes are in Opua and Russell. All sessions are open to pop – in students of every level or background as well as beginners.

Contact me
Ph: 021 2629857
Details on my website

Susan Ansell

I teach day and evening classes in Kapiti (mainly in Waikanae Beach and Reikorangi). I also teach individual and pregnancy yoga classes. I graduated as a KHYF Yoga teacher in 2014. Yoga has supported me throughout my life from teenagehood through to motherhood and beyond! I love providing a space for people to connect to themselves and a space for people to connect as a group and learn together. Whatever the reason that has brought you to yoga – I would be happy to support you in your yoga journey.

Contact me
Ph: 027 2740800
Email: oceansuz@gmail.com

Rita O’Brien

Everyone deals with their own set of challenges.
Yoga allows us to explore and create a positive relationship with our bodies, breath, minds and emotions.I offer a twice weekly yoga practice in Paraparaumu.

Classes are based on a classical form of yoga, which includes āsana [postures], prāṇāyāma [breathing techniques], and chanting. Classes suitable for all levels – beginners very welcome. See www.khyf.net for additional details on lineage.

Contact me
Ph: 022 490 4673
Email: ritaobrien635@gmail.com