Talking about Yoga with Ruth…

“The magic of Ruth’s teaching comes from a wonderful mix of deep commitment along with her delightful humility and sense of humour. While her classes are always profoundly grounding and nurturing, her true strength lies in giving you the tools through theory and physical practice to nurture and challenge yourself in everyday life. Her natural perception and broad knowledge allows her to give individual attention and keep all her students in very safe hands.”

“I have been taking yoga classes with Ruth for many years. The longer I have known her, the more I realise just how knowledgeable she is about this lineage of yoga. She has helped me immensely through her teachings both in group classes and private sessions, not only by leading me through programmes adapted to my physical needs, but through her kind, patient and caring manner. I always come away from a yoga session feeling calm, refreshed, and more ‘me’, and have been able to adapt her teachings into every part of my life.”

“There are two things that stand out for me  about the teacher training with Ruth which I recently completed. The first is the quality of the teachings themselves. I already had a teacher training under my belt and 3 decades of practicing Yoga yet I was still waiting…waiting for the right teacher and the right Lineage .Waiting to commit. I am discerning and only wanted what was authentic and worthy. When I heard Ruth chanting I knew I had found what I had been seeking. Every step of the training affirmed that for me. A couple of times I came close to signing up for other trainings but I am so glad I waited. This Lineage carries the intellectual rigor; philosophical depth and authentic authority I wanted. It is no surprise it flies somewhat under the radar. It is modest and humble. It is genuine teaching and I drank up every drop.

Secondly there is Ruth. A woman possessing the qualities of authenticity, compassion and depth which to me reflected a good Yoga practice. Ruth is an extraordinary teacher. Combining intellectual prowess with a warm heart. She presented this ancient knowledge in a way that maintained its potency and integrity but was also accessible and relevant. She was both extremely professional and profoundly personal at the same time. I would recommend this training to anyone who feels ready to experience the wonder of real Yoga.”

“I am very fortunate to have met Ruth which is a teacher in the T Krishnamacharya lineage and dedicated yoga student. I was able to participate to the first Yoga Teacher Training she facilitated. I was living in Dunedin at the time so the distance was definetly a challenge in my learning and feeling connected to the teacher. Ruth has the ability to be connected no matter the distance. She made sure she was available to me when I had questions and needed reassurance in my learning. She holds a mirror in front of the learner which helped me to come up with my own answers. Each one of her classes is an experience in itself and the entire 4 years as her student was a terrific experience of self discovery and ancient studies. I thank you dearly Ruth for taking me in at the last moment and to keep encouraging me in my journey.”

“Ruth taught me how to connect with my heart again and for that I am eternally grateful! How? By being a great teacher. Leading by example and teaching me the many tools of yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya. Over the last 7 years she has been my teacher and mentor walking along side me every step of the way on my yoga journey. Showing me how to really embody the teachings through experience and now to be able to share my experiences with others while passing on the tradition. I feel so very lucky to have met Ruth. With her nurturing and patient ways, she had the capacity to hold me when I fell, so that I could find my way back. Creating independence and strength to continue. I look forward to continuing my yoga journey with her.”

“I have been a student of Ruth’s for over 10 years. Behind her stands the knowledge and tradition of the Krishnamacharya lineage – but her teaching is more than this. She is able to take those ancient teachings and apply them to my local community – where they are relevant, joyful, meaningful and transformational. But still her teaching is more than this. Ruth has walked alongside me on my own yoga path to myself and is always there to guide me when I find an obstacle in my path or there to celebrate with me when I take another step towards myself.”

“I have seen Ruth over the past ten years for yoga classes and one on one yoga therapy sessions. She has helped me a great deal aligning my posture and developing strength in my body. Through Ruth, I have developed a love and interest in yoga that I was not expecting. She is a calm and gentle teacher.”

“I have been working with Ruth for the best part of 12 years now and find her teachings fabulous. She takes my body where it is at and works with that on the day. I also have Yoga therapy with Ruth which involves helping me with my diet and setting a daily personal practice for me. This work is invaluable to me. Thanks Ruth.”

“My experience with Ruth as a teacher trainer, was one of great pleasure and inspiration. Her lectures are conducted in a wonderful balance of mental challenge and extension as well as practical experience. I found the communication between her and students to be at a very balanced, high level, with the inclusion of all participants. A truly authentic passion for this tradition and its teachings comes through. This continued in the way she reflected back to me about my homework. Her teachings are still an inspiration for me.”

“Excitingly, a change in my situation has seen me be able to attend Ruth’s weekly class, and with other family members, have individual assessments too. Ruth is wise and astute, she has studied hard but also followed a calling. She is infinitely respectful of where each person is at and able to provide for different abilities and needs to ensure practice is safe as well as challenging. I feel it is a privilege to be able to work and learn with Ruth and recommend you start your journey with her.”

“I have attended Ruth’s yoga classes over the past 10 years. She has a real gift for creating a calm and focussed atmosphere and for keen observation of the physical and mental states we are in when we arrive. Thanks to her, however I arrive, I always leave refreshed and revitalised.”

“I had my first  one-on-one yoga therapy session with Ruth about a year ago. At that time I had resigned myself to never being totally pain-free again from an old injury and an ageing spine. Today, I take long walks with my dog, do the daily exercises (breath and posture) given me by Ruth, and attend a weekly group yoga session. My body is upright, I have a spring in my step, I am drug- and pain-free and I sleep well.  Whoever thought that learning to breath properly and move correctly could bring such benefits. Thank you Ruth!”